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Computer Gaming Glasses Blue Light Blocking for Men Women [by Umizato] Clear Lens, PC Accessories – FDA Approved – Relieves Digital Eye Strain, UV Blocker, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fatigue (PICTOR in Black)

UMIZATO COMPUTER GLASSES – FULL PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES  Why wear blue-light blocking glasses? It is important to note that exposure to natural blue light during the daytime is important. However, exposure to artificial blue-light can cause dry eyes, eye strain, fatigue, and lack of sleep. On average, individuals spend 6 hours a day looking …

Silicone Dish Sponge Scrubber, Antibacterial Food Grade Silicone, FDA approved BPA Free, Multi purpose, Scratch Free, Great for Kitchen Cleaning, Smart Kitchen Scrubber Cool Kitchen Gadget (Pack of 4)

Features: Cleaning brushes are made of High-Quality and Environmentally Friendly Silicone rubber. They are made to be Safe, Non-toxic, Wear-Resistant, and Scratch-Resistant. This scrubber set is Food Grade silicone rubber, Qualified with FDA Standard and Long-lasting. Premium and Soft Silicone Rubber will bring excellent high temperature and wear-resistant performance. Product has multiple uses around the …

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